We are Anneminke and Arjen, both passionate about inspiring people to a life of play and enjoyment. Together we create for you a loving and powerful space in which you can be who you really are.

Our Vision

Our ideal world is one in harmony, peace, love and above all joy! In which equality and enlightenment are central. With our work we would like to contribute to a more beautiful world.

Our Mission

We are happy to guide you on your path to peace, love and freedom with a listening ear, a gentle hand and under loving guidance. This will empower you and allow you to stand for who you are.

Our Strength

We look beyond limitations and stories and see you for who you really are: a Creator! We bring the Light Being that you are more to the fore, so that you can create your life as you desire.

Anneminke Bakker - about us


Consciousness Coach - Energy Therapist - Master Christ Energy Healer - Kundalini Facilitator - Reiki I Healer - Belly dance teacher - Master of Arts - Laughter Yoga Facilitator - Practitioner of dance, qigong and yoga

Arjen Tolk - about us


Sparkle Coach · Co-Facilitator · Spaceholder ·  Oldtimer fanatic · Race Coach · Auto Coach · MOT Inspector - Builder of sleepers - Adventurer and bon vivant at heart


Her strength

With her calm and loving energy she guides people to a life where each can (re)find their strength and self-confidence.

Her story

In the year 1983, on a warm summer afternoon in Alkmaar, under the stars of the Leo constellation, Anneminke was born. A shy girl with a rich imagination, while dancing she wondered about the world. She felt different, dressed differently and had many adventures. Exploring the world, making many trips to different continents and through her inner world also to other dimensions and universes.

Gradually grounding herself more and more in the human world, she discovered that she had a gift: to bring light. Loving herself first was the next logical step. Loving all her earthly facets by looking at herself unconditionally, without judgment. "I am who I am. I am unique as everyone is unique. I follow my own path."

No sooner said than done. Books were devoured, personal development trainings were taken, Ayahuasca journeys were made and guided, and tantric workshops were attended and taught.

Then it was time to put herself on the map. Really go deeper and learn what there is to learn about human beings. First just following the mainstream path. "Who knows, maybe psychiatry is what for me." She learned and worked, but after two years she realized, "No, this isn't it after all. This way of helping people is not right for me. I see the path to freedom differently."

Then she moved in the alternative direction. Followed several workshops and trainings and finally ended up at the Noorderlicht Academy. There her gifts were refined, intuition broadened and processes enlightened.

Now she is ready for you, with both feet on the ground, in her peace, with soft power and full of loving energy. Ready to guide you on your path of enlightenment.

You can watch videos of Anneminke here.

Anneminke Bakker - belly dance


  • Kundalini Facilitator - Kundalini Touch - Amsterdam
  • Zuiver Waarnemen - Three-year training to become a Psycho-Energetic Therapist, Consciousness Coach & Light Healer - Noorderlicht Academie - Geldrop. Training is accredited by KTNO, VBAG and BATC.
  • Master Christusenergie Healer - Three-year training -Noorderlicht Academie - Geldrop
  • HBO-V Psychiatric Nursing (dual, two years) - Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

  • Reiki I - Helios Centrum - Heerde
  • Confidant - Humanitas - Amsterdam
  • Laughter Yoga Facilitator - Maarten Vos - Amsterdam
  • Intuitive Massage - Massage Marin - Amsterdam
  • Shamanic/Tantric Body-Dearmouring - Frequency Facilitator - Hilversum
  • Essence and Source - Humanication - Amsterdam
  • MA Archeology and Middle Ages - Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • BA Archeology and Prehistory - Universiteit Leiden.


His strength

Arjen quickly gets to the core of an issue. He looks beyond the limiting thoughts and beliefs that stop people from enjoying life to the fullest.

His story

For years Arjen has been inspiring himself and others to create a better and freer life. His passion is working with the law of attraction and manifestation power. Among other things, this is how he consciously created Anneminke in his life. With his openness and honest, direct approach, he quickly gets to the core with people and shows you how you can change your life for the better through a different perspective.

Great passions

In addition to his people passion, he is a great lover of cars and racing. Check out his website www.creativecars.nl for cool projects and services he offers.

Arjen Tolk - passions