Consciousness coaching

We guide you in your personal and spiritual development, together with tips and tools to deal with different situations and challenges in your life.

Energy Therapy

You lie relaxed on the massage table and you open up to receive. Energy coaching can break patterns at deeper levels and release emotional ballast. It can also expand your consciousness.

For whom

You can come to us with different issues, such as dealing with high sensitivity, assertiveness, stress, burn-out and depression. Our method is suitable for anyone who wants to work on personal development. It is also very suitable for social workers such as coaches and therapists.


What are your desires?

With consciousness coaching, we explore your inner world. We tune into your desires: what do you desire right now? How do you want to feel and what do you want to experience? What do you want more of in your life? To what extent do you allow your desires and what do you resist? Often certain (unconscious) beliefs, thought patterns and behaviors get in the way of living the life you really want.

Redirect focus

The focus in our coaching is on what feels good in the moment: if there is a desire to dive into the past and illuminate it and take the insights into the now, then we put the focus on that. Is there the desire to feel good now and in the future, then we focus on that. Mostly, it's often a combination of both.

Consciousness Coaching - cooperation
Consciousness Coaching

Holistic approach

Our holistic approach focuses on you as a dynamic whole:

✧ Your body, mind and spirit

✧ Your past, present and future

✧ Your thoughts, feelings and behavior

✧ Your life at home, at work, in relationships, with family

✧ Your frequencies on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic level.


Coaching is a collaboration between coach and coachee. We facilitate the energy and safe space in which we invite you to come home to yourself. You stake out your desires, open yourself to insights, and engage in daily life to achieve your desired results.


What is energy therapy?

Energy coaching can assist in the healing process of illnesses and blockages in the body. This form of therapy is used to remove old energies and make room for light, strength and new possibilities.

Layers of energy

In our energy layers around us (aura) we find many different energies. Both our own energies, as well as energies of others. Furthermore, in some places the energy can accumulate more while in other places the energy has become too thin. This creates an imbalance within us. By applying an energetic cleansing in the aura and chakras, among others, the energy is once again distributed more evenly, any polluted energy drained away and pure energy brought in. This promotes healing.

Various methods are used in energetic coaching, such as meditation, sacred geometry and body-oriented coaching.

Healing Energies
Energy Coaching - Healing energies

How does a disease or complaint develop?

A disease or complaint arises in the physical, emotional, mental and/or astral layer. Illnesses can arise from the environment, such as toxins and frequencies of WiFi radiation, but also from emotions that we do not adequately process and certain pathogenic thoughts that we think. This causes a darker, less flowing energy to form in and around the body. The longer we feed this emotion or thought into our daily lives, the denser the energy becomes until it eventually expresses itself in the body in disease.

Be open to receive

Energy coaching is a collaboration between coach and coachee. We facilitate the energy and the safe space in which we invite you to come home to yourself. You open yourself to the energy so you can let your energies flow.

What are the benefits?

During our consciousness coaching and energy sessions, we focus on raising your frequency. We bring all your levels in aligned so you feel more whole. This expresses itself in: empowerment, feeling love for yourself and others, manifesting consciously and dealing positively with all kinds of situations.

How many sessions?

This depends on several factors, such as your current situation, what you want to achieve, your level of commitment and to what extent your body can receive the energy. Sometimes one session is enough for a person to take another step forward. Other people like to come once every two weeks to learn to deal with a specific situation. And others get a relaxation treatment every now and then, so that they can experience the peace they long for.

coaching and therapy

Turn the light switch

Real embodied change takes time and also depends on your willingness to adopt new thoughts, feelings and habits. We can show you where the light switch is, but only you can turn on the light.


Closer to myself

"Today we completed a five session coaching program and I have become so much closer to myself because of it! Anneminke provides a very safe environment and because of her holistic approach and combination of different forms of treatment, each session is different but exactly what I needed at that moment. I am intensely grateful to Anneminke for the insights she gave me, the questions she asked me and the guidance during my process. If you are looking for a nice and good coach, I definitely recommend you to check if you have a click with Anneminke!"


Wonderful healing

"Anneminke gave me a wonderful healing in which I received answers to a question that had been on my mind for a long time. She energizes, guides my own journey and follows her intuition in it."


Much achieved

"I had the opportunity to experience one session from Anneminke. She achieved more with me than seeing a psychologist every week for a year."




A transformation on all levels. We first drink a cup of tea together and discuss the themes that are currently important to you. I provide you with tools, provide insights and help you come home to yourself. You can then lie relaxed on the treatment table for an energetic treatment. Energy therapy can break patterns at deeper layers and release emotional baggage. It can also expand your consciousness. After the treatment we take the time to completely relax. Before and after care via app contact is included.It is usually nice to embark on a journey to experience your desired result.


Gain clarity

90 MINS | €110


Profound transformation

5 x 90 MINS | 5 x €100


Reimbursed by employer*

5 x 90 MINS | 5 x €120


The sessions are not reimbursed. Our methods is alternative therapy and every year health insurance companies change the rules and requirements. We therefore consciously choose to live and work in freedom, leaving us more time and energy to develop ourselves and our methods.

However, there are other options to get full or partial reimbursement for the sessions:

Do you work as an employee? In consultation with your employer, treatments can be reimbursed up to 100% as part of, for example, a personal budget, coaching budget or career budget.

Do you have your own business? Then the costs of the sessions are deductible.


Have you booked a session and unexpectedly can't make it? No problem. If you let us know at least 24 hours in advance, we can reschedule the session free of charge. Did you let us know within 24 hours? Then the entire consultation fee will be charged.


✧ We recommend at least three to five sessions for desired results.

✧ Coaching is exempt from VAT.

✧ Payment is made after the session via payment request, invoice or cash.

✧ Do you have little to spend? Ask about options to get a cheaper rate.

✧ When you book a session or trajectory, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Kundalini Experience - coaching en therapie


Let us know where you could use a helping hand. Together we can get your life (back) on track using our expertise in coaching and kundalini activation.

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