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Spiritual energy

Kundalini means in Sanskrit "the coiled one" and is a spiritual energy which can be thought of as a snake coiled in your energy body at the base of the spine, the sacrum. From this creating primal energy you were born.


Kundalini energy is dormant in most people, but when it awakens, it makes its way upward toward your crown and beyond. During this journey, kundalini energy activates and balances the energy body, such as the chakras and aura. It also connects the earth energy (from bottom to top) with the cosmic energy (from top to bottom).

Physical sensations

Everyone experiences the awakening of Kundalini energy differently. Tingling, flashes of light, trembling, writhing, warmth are some of the sensations experienced. The body often begins to move naturally. Sometimes gracefully, or, on the contrary, stammering. Naturally you assume different (yoga) postures, your body starts dancing or you lie very still because a lot is happening internally.

For who

A kundalini activation is for anyone concerned with spirituality and self-development. You can have zero experience or a lot and everything in between. Most important is that you are open to receive the energy. Also, a kundalini experience session is a nice alternative to a plant medicine ceremony.


This feminine, powerful energy is found in many cultures, including the West. The kundalini is also known as the caduceus symbol, seen on hospitals and ambulances with one or two snakes coiling around a staff.


Kundalini energy clears psychological and physiological blockages so that, among other things, it expands your consciousness, it promotes your healing process, you become more aware of your body, experience better grounding, your self-confidence and self-love grows and you can have enlightenment experiences.

Everytime is different

Every kundalini experience session is different. Sometimes you move a lot, other times you lie completely still. Just what suits you in the moment. Sometimes you want to cry, sometimes you want to laugh, scream, sing, burp. Everything is allowed, everything is OK. You may express yourself completely as you are in the moment.


Pregnancy, epilepsy, psychosis and mood medication (SSRIs, lorazepam etc.) are contraindications. Before, during and immediately after the activation it is not recommended to consume coffee, alcohol, drugs etc. This is to experience the energy as clear and pure as possible.


Set an intention

The kundalini ceremony begins with setting an intention. This causes you to focus on what you want to experience, allowing the energy to flow to where the focus is.


During kundalini activation, relaxing, opening, receiving and releasing are important to achieve the desired results. The more open you are to the energy, the better and lighter you will feel.

It starts after the activation

The kundalini activation is the beginning of a development process in you which will continue to work in your system for several days or weeks. If desired, we keep in personal contact after an activation session to assist your process.

Safe space

We create a safe space in which you can surrender to what presents itself and is allowed to flow. A ceremonial atmosphere in which you may be and express who you really are.

Moving music

An important part in kundalini experience is music. Music makes it easier to get into the receiving mode. A special playlist is made for each session, completely aligned to the energy of the group.

Group, duo & private sessions

Because we find it important to give personal attention, we facilitate small groups. We also give duo sessions for partners or friends, as well as individual sessions.


A lot of experience

I have completed two three-year trainings as a consciousness coach, psycho-energetic therapist and Christ energy healer. I also completed kundalini facilitator training, where I empowered my knowledge, energy and intuition. For a number of years I have been running a practice where I have treated many people with different issues.

With my expertise in the energetic system, consciousness coaching and my years of experience with Kundalini energy, I can fully assist participants in their process. Not only during a session but also afterwards. Your life will change by activating your Kundalini and then it is nice to have someone there who knows what you are going through and can assist you in your process.

Anneminke's awakening

Over ten years ago, I experienced a sensation of light passing through my body. I had no idea what it was. Later, I more often experienced shuddering sensations going through me, through my feet all the way through my crown. That felt like an enlightening experience, impossible to describe! In a body dearmouring session, the kundalini in me is fully awakened so I constantly feel a certain energy flow in me.

The kundalini has made me much more grounded in my body, it has given me a lot of self-confidence and greatly enhanced my intuition and attunement to Source and allowing me to facilitate even more powerful energy during sessions.


Totally in my body

"I experienced flashes of light as if my third eye opened and I saw myself as a baby. I now feel totally in my body for the first time. A super experience!"


Similar to Ayahuasca

"Already at the first note of the music I went into a kind of Ayahuasca experience. Very special. I was allowed to let go and integrate new energies."


I move...

"The music, frequencies, dance, meditations, your touches and energy touched me deeply. I don't know in which direction but I feel I am moving.... My spirit, my soul..."



Experience the benefits of flowing Kundalini energy such as expanding consciousness, healing, grounding, self-love and confidence.



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Kundalini Activation

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