One Day Retreat

We go on an inner journey so that you come into alignment with spirit, head, heart and body. You will again make choices from your heart and you can make the desired turn in your life that you have longed for!

Multiple-day Retreat

During the multi-day retreat, we will experience what freedom is. We will go into depth, discover what our desires are and how to create our desired life from self-love.

For whom?

For anyone who wants to experience:
✧ feeling happier, lighter and freer
✧ feeling powerful and confident
✧ looking lovingly at yourself and the world
✧ establishing healthy relationships
✧ transforming your own life


Joie de Vivre - One Day Retreat

Kundalini Activatie

Welcome Joie de Vivre back into your life!

Do you want...
✧ feel happier, lighter and freer?
✧ stand with both feet on the ground again, powerful and confident?
✧ be able to look lovingly at yourself and the world?
✧ experience healthy connection with yourself and your loved ones?
✧ Learn how to heal yourself and transform your life?
Then this one day retreat is for you!

This is what you can expect during the retreat:

+ safe ceremonial space
+ transformational coaching
+ law of attraction
+ multidimensionality
+ meditation
+ energy clearing

+ rose tea ceremony
+ inner dance movement
+ kundalini activation
+ sharing
+ aftercare
+ vega(n) lunch

Feel seen, heard and supported

The retreat is completely tailored to the group: the safe space, ceremony, music and energy. In an intimate setting we go in depth and connect with our Higher Self and Spirit. Because of the personal attention you soon feel seen, heard and supported. After the retreat we keep in touch about how you are doing, what you might be struggling with and we give you tips and tools to guide your process.


Freedom Retreat

Zomer retraite vrijheid 25-27 augustus

Freedom! What exactly is freedom and how can you experience it in different areas of your life?

Freedom has been an important theme for us, Arjen and Anneminke, for years. How can you still feel free in today's society with all its rules, norms and values? How do you experience freedom in your relationships? That you can be who you are, in connection with the other, without losing yourself, without pleasing, without overstepping your boundaries, but from connection, love for yourself and for the other, and that saying 'no' is also totally OK? An important theme is taking responsibility for yourself: what you think, what you feel and how you behave. We often react from (unconscious) patterns, triggers, projections, but is that really who you are and who you want to be?

What the retreat can offer you

✧ Seeing through and transforming limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns

✧ Learning to work with the law of attraction and the power of manifestation

✧ Recognize and love your body and yourself as you are

✧ Experiencing your multidimensionality

✧ Being in connection with yourself and connect in a healthy way with others

✧ Experiencing deepening, transformation, love, expansion, freedom

✧ Laugh, share, enjoy, move, relax.


The retreat is beautifully situated on the edge of the Veluwe, which is a few minutes' walk away. The site is surrounded by forest and has a large lawn. The house consists of a living room with open kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with toilet and shower. The sessions and ceremonies are held outside in a large, round bell tent.

retraite - de locatie

About the facilitators

Anneminke is a Consciousness Coach, Energetic Therapist and Kundalini Facilitator. She gives 1-on-1 sessions as well as workshops and group retreats together with her partner Arjen. With gentle strength, in peace and with loving guidance, she brings everyone home to themselves. Her passion and at the same time her strength is to inspire people and let them experience that they are so much greater and more divine than they think. She sees you for who you really are: a beautiful Being of Light.


Arjen is a Sparkle Coach and has been inspiring himself and others for years to create a happier and freer life. His passion is working with the law of attraction and manifestation power. For example, he consciously created Anneminke in his life. With his openness and honest, direct approach, he quickly gets to the heart of people and shows you how you can change your life for the better through a different perspective.

What are we going to do?

During this retreat we are going to experience what freedom is. We will go into depth, discover what our desires are, how we can organize our lives from self-love and responsibility, free from judgment, so that we can experience freedom.

From alignment with Source in the Now, intuitively and from pure action we facilitate meditations, ceremonies, group and private sessions, a kundalini experience session, coaching and exercises to discover deeper layers in ourselves and to experience what freedom is.

programma retraite vrijheid


Our good friends and chefs Rob and Wil will provide us with delicious, healthy vegetarian meals. Pamper your taste buds and experience the relaxation of not having to cook for a while.


There are various options available regarding overnight accommodation:

✧ Shared double room with a double bed

✧ Shared double room with 2 beds on top of each other

✧ Tent on the lawn (bring your own. Don't have a tent but would like to camp? Let us know!)

✧ Camper or caravan in the parking lot in the forest (bring your own).

retraite facilitators - Anneminke en Arjen


Great experience!

Wow what an amazing experience the retreat was! A safe and wonderful environment. Where you can really work on yourself and gain new insights. Rob and Wil's cooking skills are top notch. And I am very happy and grateful that I got to know Anneminke and Arjen


Deep and satisfying

Very deep and satisfying experience! I enjoyed it a lot! Thank you


Very special!

We experienced the retreat as very healing, which continued for days afterwards. Very special!

Rob en Wil


August 30 - September 1, 2024

The prices of the retreat include:

2 overnight stays ✧ 2 x vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner ✧ unlimited tea, coffee, water and snacks ✧ 6 sessions of approx. 2 hours ✧ 1 kundalini activation ✧ small group ✧ personal attention ✧ beautiful nature


shared room with another participant

✧ Early bird: €345

untill August 1

✧ Regular: €395



- bring your own

✧ Early bird: €325

untill August 1

✧ Regular: €375


partners / friends in

one room

✧ Early bird: €640

untill August 1

✧ Regular: €740



- bring your own

✧ Early bird: €600

untill August 1

✧ Regular: €700

Stay informed

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