✧ Connect with your Soul

✧ Experience your multidimensionality

✧ Enlighten YourSelf to higher frequencies


Blueprint of your Soul

The Lightbody is the blueprint of your soul, your Higher Self, your multidimensional Self, the Christ within you or God-Self. It is who you really are and always will be. This body continues to exist when your physical body "dies". The soul experiences human existence through your physical body. It has a purpose for you: to experience Joy, Love and Wisdom.


The activation is preceded by meditation, movement and dance so that you can sink a little more into your body and open up to higher frequencies. Then you lie down on a mat, relaxed, you surrender and get in receiving mode. The invitation is to leave your ego/mind for what it is and let the frequencies do the work.


An important part of this is music. Music makes it easier to get into receive mode. For this session a special playlist is made with high frequencies to invite your body to vibrate at higher frequencies.

For whom?

A Lightbody activation is suitable for anyone who is open to it. You do not need to have had previous experiences. For people who take SSRI medication, MAO inhibitors, etc., I recommend contacting me first.

High frequencies

By activating the light body, your soul can incarnate more and more in your physical body, or in other words: your physical body increases more and more in frequency at the level of your Soul, so that you experience, among other things, enlightenment, blockages disappear, your consciousness expands and recognizes your soul purpose.


During an activation I tune in to the Source, the Christ energy field, the God-Self in you, I act as a channel of high frequencies so to speak. During the activation you will be touched by me directly and indirectly in different places of your body and energy field.

Difference between Kundalini and Lightbody activation

The safe setting in the circle is the same as with a kundalini activation. Where a kundalini activation focuses on activating your (physical) life energy, a Lightbody activation focuses on inviting the high frequencies of your soul into your physical body. The focus is on the gentleness and loving presence of the God-Self within you.

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150 MIN | €230



120 MIN | €140

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